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3D Virtual Tradeshows offer the most engaging and interactive way to organize tradeshows, exhibitions, expositions, symposiums, sponsored conferences, job fairs and similar virtual events while minimizing time and travel expenses. Virtual Tradeshow events can replace or complement existing in-person tradeshows, still allowing a company to enhance brand and product visibility, promote new and existing products, generate leads and drive incremental sales, make key industry contacts, and further solidify relationships with current customers. Analysts project that in the next five years, virtual tradeshows will account for 25% of all tradeshows.

Why choose a Virtual Tradeshow over a traditional in-person event?

  • Reduce cost: avoid paying for travel, lodging, food, exhibits, etc.
  • Save time: both for event organizer, event sponsors, producers and more importantly your attendees who will not have to travel to the venue.
  • Increase flexibility: Experiment and change quickly – try new ideas and change your display on the go
  • Explore new markets: without spending too much budget
  • Go Green : reduce carbon footprint, efficient for all parties
  • Collect attendees data: Analytics / data collections – track visitors easily
  • Modernize your processes – appropriate for the digital age demographic who spend more time online.
  • Run Longer - not limited to a set time, you can have your trade show run for as long as you want.

Why Altadyn‘s™ is the best solution for engaging and interactive events which favor networking?

  • Our 3D immersive platform naturally favors engagement from attendees due to the nature of the 3D immersive avatar based platform.
  • By simulating the in-person events in a full virtual reality space, it facilitates networking among attendees as well as interaction between attendees and sponsors or vendors representatives.
  • Virtual Tradeshows are the closest format to real face-to-face conferences giving a sense of presence to the participants
  • Altadyn‘s 3D-VirtualEvents is more accessible to attendees, as it runs in a browser with NO DOWNLOAD required, accessible even from the most restricted networks.
  • Enterprise-friendly, eliminating most IT issues for enterprise attendees
  • Scalable and can be used for small tradeshows as well as large ones
  • Easily integrated into existing web environments thanks to a modern cloud-based architecture for advanced Virtual Events.
  • Altadyn’s platform for virtual events can be easily transformed to a perpetual space thanks to the integration with other Altadyn’s services..™ Features

  • Runs on any computer: browser-based, no download or plugins needed
  • Seamless Integrated Voice On IP (VOIP) in the 3D space for all participants is a convenient conferencing feature
  • Desktop & Application Sharing: share an entire desktop at any resolution, or display any application within 3D spaces for presentations
  • Bring Your Products & 3D Objects Into The Room: use for product launch, product demos, equipment training, or other web conferences
  • Multi-Presenter Functionality: share and display multiple screens & applications simultaneously for true collaboration
  • Invite Large Numbers* Of Avatars Using Only Standard Office PCs & Bandwidth:
    • Communicate with all using integrated instant messaging and/or integrated VOIP
  • Manage Your Web Conferences Easily:
    • Set-up tool with preset time-zones, password options, invitation creator, etc.
    • Meeting tracker that logs meetings and meeting/Virtual Events attendees
  • Enlarged Presentation View for Virtual Events: select any shared screen to view presentations in an enlarged pop-up window
  • Create Fully Customized 3D Spaces for Virtual Events, Conferences and Virtual Trade-shows: replicate training facilities, corporate headquarters, classrooms, conference rooms, exhibition halls, poster sessions, fairs, etc
  • Upload your files for sharing: images, banners, videos or presentations can all be easily loaded, accessed, and shared.
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