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3d Virtual Conference

Engaging and Interactive: Immersive Online 3D Offers More Than 2D Applications

Altadyn® Virtual Web Conferencing offers you a way to create the feel and life-like personal experience of an actual conference at only a fraction of the cost. Web conferences can be organized and launched instantly thanks to Altadyn’s® browser-based technology and event wizard. Anyone with just an Internet connection can participate – just invite, choose an avatar and join. Event hosts can provide the most engaging experience possible with fully customizable environments.

A First: Browser-Based 3D Conferences Supporting More Participants Than Ever

Businesses and users can create customized interactive 3D Web Conferencing spaces for large numbers*, interact with 3D objects and products, and engage with live moderators as effortlessly as they now surf the web. Finally, a practical 3D solution that everyone can access and leverage without system or IT constraints. Custom 3D spaces can be created in just minutes without prior experience.

Why choose Altadyn’s® 3D Virtual Conference over a traditional in-person event?

  • Reduce cost: avoid paying for travel, lodging, food, exhibits, etc.
  • Save time: both for event organizer, event sponsors, producers and more importantly your attendees who will not have to travel to the venue.
  • Increase flexibility: Experiment and change quickly – try new ideas and change your display on the go
  • Explore new markets: without spending too much budget
  • Go Green:  reduce carbon footprint, efficient for all parties
  • Collect attendees data: Analytics / data collections – track visitors easily
  • Modernize your processes: appropriate for the digital age demographic who spend more time online.
  • Run Longer: not limited to a set time, you can have your trade show run for as long as you want.

Why choose Altadyn’s® 3D Virtual Conference over webex-like webcasts or other virtual event pseudo-3D platforms?

  • 3D Immersive is more engaging: How often do you notice attendees checking e-mails during meetings? Or they go mute and get phone calls ? Are they really engaged? It’s hard to do lose attention in Altadyn’s® 3D virtual events platform due to the Avatar’s direction of looking and presenters tools which enable him to constantly check attendees attention..
  • Networking is favored: seeing each other represented with avatars encourages networking among attendees, while increasing engagement with presenters..
  • Closer to in-person experiences: the 3D immersive experience simulates real life experiences
  • Visual memory is stronger: so attendees will remember your event much better than with traditional tools which are less visual and not interactive.
  • Go Green:  More of your in-person events can go virtual this way.
  • More advanced: Altadyn’s® 3D Virtual Events platform is a more advanced technology that is ready for you.

Altadyn’s® Web Conferencing Features:

  • Runs on any computer: Browser-based, no download or plugins needed
  • Voice: Seamless Integrated Voice On IP (VOIP) in the 3D space for all participants is a convenient conferencing feature.
  • Desktop & Application Sharing: share an entire desktop at any resolution, or display any application within 3D spaces for presentations
  • Bring Your Products & 3D Objects Into The Room: use for product launch, product demos, equipment training, or other web conferences.
  • Multi-Presenter Functionality: share & display multiple screens & applications simultaneously for true collaboration
  • Invite Large Numbers* Of Avatars Using Only Standard Office PCs & Bandwidth:
  • communicate with all using integrated instant messaging and/or integrated VOIP
  • Manage Your Web Conferences Easily:
    • includes set-up tool with preset time-zones, password options, invitation creator, etc.
    • includes meeting tracker that logs meetings and meeting/Virtual Events attendees
  • Enlarged Presentation View for Virtual Events: zoom anywhere in the 3D space
  • Pre-upload your slides and videos for sharing: for more secure and more relaxed presentations.
  • Create Fully Customized 3D Spaces for Virtual Events and Virtual Conferences: replicate training facilities, corporate headquarters, classrooms, conference rooms, exhibition halls, poster rooms corporate training, e-learning sessions, on-boarding sessions, sales kick-offs, marketing gatherings, product launch meetings , customers days, users groups meetings, press conferences, shareholders meetings, analysts briefings, and much more.
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