Why Are US Corporations Now Interested In 3D Virtual Events ?

US Corporations started using traditional online meeting platforms (also considered as Virtual Events platforms, used for webcasting and online conferences) more than 10 years ago. The most popular traditional virtual meetings used are Cisco‘s Webex, Citrix Online’s GotoMeeting, Microsoft‘s Netmeeting and Adobe‘s Adobe Connect.

However, according to analyst firms such as Frost & Sullivan, who predicted this need already a few years ago, corporations have started looking for collaboration platforms which increase productivity, and enable sense of presence. Click on this figure to enlarge.

why 3d virtual events?

Why 3D virtual events?


Before the emergence of 3D Virtual Events, each time Corporations needed more sense of presence and more interaction and more humanized meetings, they would go for a face-to-face or in-person events, but now there is a new pardigm that they are discovering and enjoying before paying the cost of in-person events and wasting their employees time in traveling.

As a matter of fact, 3D immersive solutions are filling in the gap by offering an in-between solution, where you can save time and money by keeping it virtual, while increasing engagement and interactivity, thanks to 3D immersion, avatar based platforms.

We see a few reasons why Virtual Events improve the productivity of corporate gatherings:

  • 3D Virtual  spaces create a Sense of Presence, and a Feeling of the Space that you don’t have with passive, boring slideshow meetings offered by traditional webex-like platforms
  • Avatars help visualizing other participants, and lead to more « Human » Interactions, more engaging, more networking among attendees
  • Avatars animations (walking, sitting, laser beaming, hand raising,….) and 3D Virtual Spaces lead to stronger Visual Memory of the Meeting
  • Games, serious games, and other fun content such as simple ice-breaking actions at the beginning a speech, makes the conference or the training or the kick-off, more engaging, more interactive and more fun
  • Importing 3D objects improves communication and collaboration on 3D virtual objects and products particularly efficient for gatherings like small design review meetings for a new product or larger new product launch presentations, or even technical trainings for existing or new products.




In a typical virtual event, such as a virtual conference, a virtual classroom, a corporate training meeting, or a kick-off meeting, you have a much higher level of engagement and interactivity than with traditional platforms. Not only you can see the list of participants as you see in traditional tools, but also you see their avatars movements, walking, sitting, raising hands, their actions on objects, and where they are looking at !!! This last point is essential for an Instructor, a presenter or a teacher to check the level of attention of the audience. Nowadays with traditional platforms, the majority of participants go mute to check emails and they have even other conversations going on, either over the phone or with people in their office. It’s much harder to play these tricks in a 3D virtual event.


Similar notions apply to virtual tradeshows, inside virtual exhibit halls.: Participants can also click on other attendees avatar and engage one-to-one or one-to-many conversations or check their linkedin or facebook or Google+ profiles depending on the social media they used to enter the meeting.


And that’s not all. If the content is king, the context is queen. The choice and the design of the meeting room itself has a huge impact on the gathering. Architects and Interior Designers know what we are talking about: the feeling and the emotions that a space generates in us. Have you ever questioned why corporations have always spent so much time and money in building well designed and greatly architect-ed headquarters, Conference rooms and reception areas? Do you have the same feeling when you walk in an underground dark railway station hallway, compared to when walking in a bright glass bridge with a green landscape around your meeting room? That’s the kind of emotions that environments create in you.


The 3D immersive environment and its design by itself creates feelings in each attendee. Now add the fact that you see another avatar in front of you talking and/or chatting. Is it the same sense of communication compared to trying to visualize someone just by their name, in text, in the lower right corner of the screen?


This is why corporations are looking for more HUMAN Interaction, more ENGAGEMENT and for virtual events which are closer to the in-person events. So that the attendee “FEELS” like he/she is “THERE”, and interacts with the speaker, the presenter, the teacher, the  exhibitors and with other attendees.


Register for one of our upcoming webinars and give it a try, and feel free to react…


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